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The State of Employer Branding   5/5/2016

Relationship between consumer brand and employer brandSummary The first of four survey reports from 2300+ senior corporate executives concerning the ownership of employer branding, stakeholder cooperation, branding objectives, brand strength, budgets and paths forward.

Description Over the past decade, employer branding — meaning corporate branding specifically designed to attract and retain the most talented and productive employees — has moved from the wings to center stage...

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Does HR Technology Pay for Itself?   4/6/2016

Summary A worldwide consultancy examines the data on how online talent platforms affect output, costs and profits in professional services, high tech, hospitals, retail, manufacturing and banks.

Description “Online talent platforms” is an umbrella term for the various technologies that companies put in place to manage their human resource function. It’s a broad descriptor, referring to innumerable combinations of rapidly evolving products and services from hundreds of vendors.

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HR Insights from Google that will Transform Your Company   3/30/2016

GoogleSummary A world class competitor reports on what has worked and what hasn’t in creating one of the most innovative and successful human capital cultures in business.

Description It’s rare for companies to reveal the secrets of their success, but Google isn’t a typical company. Because they understand the powerful connection between giving back to society and their employment brand, and because they know that their exceptional corporate visibility means that any successful innovation will be noticed and talked about, they encouraged Lazlo Bock, their senior people officer, to write a book about how this highly analytical company has approached the universal HR issues...

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