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Technology Innovation, Insights and Strategy   1/6/2016


Change Management graphThe premiere annual global benchmark study of Human Resources technology adoption and the value achieved from the use of these technologies.

The latest installment of the longest running, most widely distributed, and most participative technology research effort in the HR industry. Intended as a catalyst for the HR technology community... *membership required

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Ten Requirements for Quality Recruiting   1/6/2016

New Hire RatingsTen characteristics of organizations that excel at staffing effectiveness

Staffing effectiveness is more difficult for most companies than staffing efficiency. Efficiency, as defined by cost-per-hire, recruiting cost ratio, and time-to-hire, is basically process analysis: figuring out how to do a task with fewer resources and less waste. Measurement and logic usually get efficiency-minded executives the results they want.

Effectiveness on the other hand, as defined by...

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Analytics: The New Path to Value   12/8/2015

GraphHow the smartest organizations are embedding analytics to transform insights into action.

The study finds that companies fall into three groups based on their analytics capability—aspirational, experienced and transformed—each distinct from the others. No stage is without meaningful business advantages, but those advantages increase as experience and investment increases.

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