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Analytics: The New Path to Value   11/26/2015

How the smartest organizations are embedding analytics to transform insights into action.

The study finds that companies fall into three groups based on their analytics capability— aspirational, experienced and transformed – each distinct from the others. No stage is without meaningful business advantages, but those advantages increase as experience and investment increases.

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Recruiter Jobs Today   11/18/2015

1400 recruiters speak to the trends, challenges and opportunities of working in today’s labor markets. The survey reveals a fiercely competitive job market and the multifaceted approach that recruiters are taking to fill their quotas. It’s the eighth survey in an annual series dating back to 2008.

Recruiters are reporting an increasingly challenging working environment. Competition for talent is increasing, job requisitions are rising, and 1-3 year turnover is 30%. Yet staff size in 3 out of 4 companies is flat. Even the best recruiters are feeling the pressure...
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Measuring HR's Business Impact   11/18/2015

ImageResearch comparing high performing and low performing organizations according to 25 KPIs across five known characteristics that correlate well with business success.

The purpose of the comparisons is to validate with hard data the links between these characteristics and business success, thereby helping executives make people-related investments with greater confidence.

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