Weekly Research Updates

Controlling Change   11/9/2017

Who in your organization is charged with spotting the stresses that, like leaks in a roof, will lead to bigger problems if not addressed? Increasingly it’s Human Resources. In the 20th century version of itself, HR commonly dealt with employee morale, personnel disputes, disciplinary issues, and workforce negotiations.

Often those tasks provided an ‘ear to the ground,’ picking up symptoms of larger problems that were relayed to linemanagers and executives for follow-up. But that reporting was too often informal, and follow-up was not guaranteed, especially if the stresses could be blamed on the managers receiving the reports.

One of HR’s most significant evolutions over the past several decades was its rebranding as Human Capital Management, which involved adding more strategic and executive functions to its portfolio.

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Research Package: Special offer    10/26/2017

This month we are pleased to offer our Corporate Membership package for only $95. It includes the 9 classic "evergreen" recruiting reports we are known for.  Visit our research store for more information.

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Technology Planning    12/8/2016

TechWe review three research papers that will help guide your technology plans.

The ability to skillfully manage and exploit technology is one of the four new competencies required for a successful career in 21st century HR management (the others being marketing, data management, and business language). This requires that users develop an owners mentality towards technology...

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