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New Talent Acquisition Strategies   9/24/2015

Changes in Organi

A study of corporate talent acquisition readiness in a rapidly evolving, talent hungry, increasingly talent-centric job marketplace. Includes program characteristics separating more successful staffing programs from less successful ones.

How 263 employers have adapted their recruiting strategies for a talent marketplace where candidates are increasingly choosing their employers the same way they select products to buy, be loyal to, and to be ambassadors for. What has worked and what has not... 

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Candidate Experience Survey 2014    8/4/2015

GraphAn analysis of North American recruiting practices from data provided by 95,000 candidates and 150 employers.

This 2014 study is the latest in a four year old effort to document employers’ talent acquisition practices and candidates’ experiences with them. There are two sets of data: one where employers identify and evaluate their talent acquisition processes; and a second where job applicants describe and evaluate their experiences as candidates.

The study was designed to reveal the effects of various talent acquisition practices on the candidate experience and, potentially, business outcomes.

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How Branding Influences Staffing    7/16/2015

Importance vs PerceptionsGuidance on how employers are using branding to attract scarce talent in an increasingly transparent and competitive labor market.

Two reviews of employer branding focused on:

Why branding is so critical in today’s marketplace…thinking like a marketer…candidates as consumers…candidates’ information resources…where and how employers brand themselves…where employers need to be seen…advice on presentation content and style…measuring brand impact. 

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