Not too long ago, technology merely facilitated corporate staffing activities; today it controls them. Top performance is no longer possible without adequate tools.  Mastering today’s tools and anticipating tomorrow’s is therefore a critical management competency. The key to that competency is ownership. 

All HR departments use technology, but few own it. This report explains the difference, what that difference means in terms of performance. It is not a discussion of which tools to choose, which depends on a company’s individual circumstances, but rather a roadmap toward better control of, and performance from, any mission-critical tool.

How does one take ownership? Corporate technology has many masters: the IT department that runs it, the finance department that funds it, and senior management that approves the business case. Because other departments also have technology needs, the competition for dollars is fierce.

This report provides lays the groundwork for productive collaboration with all parties and the rationales for winning business arguments.



  • Technology’s evolution and current state
  • Trends
  • Why ownership is critical
  • The differences between “usership” and “ownership”
  • Gaining competitive advantage
  • Business and financial realities
  • Scaling the IT wall
  • Making the best choices
  • Overestimating and underestimating technology



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