Recruiting Effectiveness and Retention

The ability to staff a company efficiently is important. Inefficient managers don’t win much respect or have much clout. But staffing efficiency is not the end game for top performing organizations. In fact,  clients no longer report efficiency metrics up to senior management.

The reason is financial. No matter how efficiently an organization is staffed, the bottom line impact will be be minor. Staffing budgets simply aren’t large enough. But effective staffing can have a huge impact on an organization’s top and bottom lines. Financially speaking, how employees perform over time is much more important than their upfront cost. Research has proved this many times over.

This report lays out that research so that CHROs whose organizations are trapped by efficiency thinking can reframe the discussion. Successfully doing that makes the CHRO a strategic business partner of every other organization executive and also ensures that HCM becomes an agenda item at every board meeting.


The law of large numbers
How to define candidate quality
How to measure candidate quality
How to capture quality candidates
How and when to measure performance
How much performance is recruiting responsible for?
Why retention is such a key metric
Measuring the true cost of turnover
Contracting with hiring managers
Rating individual recruiters on quality
The ROI of effectiveness
How to report effectiveness in the boardroom




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