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Our reports summarize research from 2007-2014 on the issues crucial for top staffing performance and are designed to be ultimate time savers. We synthesize trends, benchmarks and best practice data from many research studies. As we collect new and relevant data, the reports are updated.


Candidate Attitudes and Behaviors Analyzes how job market evolution has changed candidate attitudes and behaviors and how those changes have affected corporate recruiting. Includes new best practices for employer job marketing and candidate relationship management. 
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Cost and Time Analyzes the most common practice corporate recruiting efficiency benchmarks (cost per hire and time to hire) with breakouts by company size, number of hires, geography and industry. As the information is complex, we are happy to develop short summaries for individual clients.
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Recruiter Workload

Establishes realistic benchmarks for non-exempt, exempt, professional and executive recruiter workloads as well as an effective way of adapting them to the many variables that can affect performance. The only study of its kind on the market.
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Recruiting Effectiveness and Retention Establishes recruiting best practices and benchmarks for candidate quality, funnel ratios, candidate performance and retention, with particular attention to comparing the business consequences of superior effectiveness scores versus superior efficiency scores.
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Sourcing and Marketing
Analyzes the efficiency and effectiveness of traditional candidate sourcing and marketing in today’s rapidly evolving talent marketplace. Describes the new competencies required to manage the top of the enterprise recruiting funnel.
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Strategic Outsourcing

Analyzes the movement from tactical to strategic outsourcing that is enabling progressive organizations to shift expensive internal resources to tasks with greater corporate impact. One of the key drivers of the larger trend toward increased job specialization within HR.  
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Technology Reviews the impact of technology on staffing efficiency and effectiveness, sourcing and marketing, outsourcing, metrics, department structure and executive reporting. Argues that "owning" their technology tools is the only way staffing departments can achieve top performance and maximum boardroom impact.
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Analyzes the 13 major change drivers in today’s staffing ecosystem and the adaptations they are forcing on corporate staffing departments. The foundation report for our other research publications.
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Leadership and Business Impact

Reviews and analyzes the most important issues facing 21st century staffing leaders plus the new competencies required to deal with them. Special emphasis on business alignment, new metrics, staffing effectiveness, executive communication, competing for influence and resources, and shifting from a transactional to a strategic mindset.
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