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Technology Planning    12/8/2016


Three research papers to guide HR executives’ technology plans

The ability to skillfully manage and exploit technology is one of the four new competencies required for a successful career in 21st century HR management (the others being marketing, data management, and business language). This requires that users develop an owners mentality towards technology...

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HR Analytics: Right Path or Wrong Path?   11/11/2016

Summary Three papers on HR analytics, including a blueprint for comprehensive recruiting metrics and two studies of how even sophisticated analytics efforts can fail to deliver business results. 

Description People are the single largest operating expense in most businesses averaging 60% or more of costs in large corporations and 50-70% in small businesses

About a decade ago, the analytics of managing those costs began an astonishing transformation. In recruiting, for example, companies began to view their simplistic time and cost metrics through the lens of deep analyses of external talent supply, which, it turns out, could be managed through increasingly sophisticated marketing and branding strategies adapted from consumer marketing. Even more significant, “internal” HR metrics began to be “externalized” ...

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How Boards of Directors can Drive Talent Excellence    10/7/2016


BoardroomSummary Three worldwide consultancies and an independent research group examine the changing role of Boards of Directors in managing organizational talent, explain what is driving those changes, review best practices, and provide tools to help boards drive talent excellence. 

Description Successful HCM programs are the products of successful cultures. This makes them, by definition, top down affairs, because strong cultures start at the top. The full support and understanding of senior executives and boards of directors are prerequisites.

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