Products & Services

Research Library Services
We locate, screen and catalogue the best HCM research available. Most of it relates to North America, but globalization is making quality data from other markets increasingly available.  Available to Research and Corporate Members >

Topical Research Reports
From time to time we summarize research published over several years in topical reports that cover trends, metrics, and best practices. The topics we select are those that research tells us are critical to:

  • Redefining the role of the CHRO
  • The operation and structure of staffing departments
  • And the role of staffing in progressive organizations

The reports are an efficient way to quickly review a large amount of information in a short period of time.
Available to Corporate Members >
Custom Research
We also offer clients per hour research and writing services related to planning, strategic investments, and budgeting.

Workshops and Seminars
We offer on-site events to help HR teams:

  • Evaluate trends in the staffing environment
  • Decide which metrics and benchmarks to focus on
  • Develop new, high impact staffing programs