Sourcing and Marketing

This report asks “what is sourcing today?” and makes the case for revising the traditional definition to account for increased competition for talent, increased recruiting complexity, a greatly evolved job marketplace, and changing job seeker and candidate attitudes and behaviors.

The two developments that changed everything were the unprecedented  transformation of job markets from opaque to transparent and the evolution of the workforce into three distinct segments: active, passive and semi-active/passive with the third segment now 84 million strong!

Job seekers have benefited enormously from the evolved marketplace; employers less so, the primary reason being that they are still searching for, and processing, their applicants and candidates in much the same ways they did years ago.

The report explains 7 consumer marketing and sales farming techniques perfected by colleagues in other departments specifically to deal with other noisy, complex, information-rich marketplaces where consumers have the luxury of choice; techniques that were also specifically designed to turn occasional shoppers —today’s huge pool of semi-passive candidates — into tomorrow’s hires.

This report lays out a sourcing blueprint that is  practical, timely and particularly appropriate to employers having to make small dollars produce outstanding results.

Chapter 1 - Where We Are and Why
Explains the evolution of the job marketplace and why traditional sourcing has become less and less efficient. It also reviews how and why the bar for recruiting performance was raised and the 5 new competencies required to operate effectively.

Chapter 2 - Metrics and Benchmarks Offers three sets of data:

  • Summary charts showing how sourcing channels have fared during the recession and subsequent slow recovery, organized by company size
  • First-ever benchmarking charts of sourcing preferences for 19 industry groups
  • Sourcing channel productivity benchmarks that provide guidance for optimal budgeting

Chapter 3 - Best Practices - detailed explanation of the evolved marketing/branding/farming sourcing and recruiting model and how it creates:

  • Superior information management
  • Professional information presentation
  • Increased candidate communication
  • Smarter application filtering
  • On-tap pools of previously passive candidates
  • Improved measurement
  • Two new, complementary staffing specialties, sourcing and recruiting




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