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There’s plenty of good research available related to every facet of corporate staffing, from recruiting to retention. There are two problems accessing it: first, it’s scattered among more than 100 sources, many of which don’t rank highly in topical Google searches; and second, quality varies widely: from short, vendor-sponsored ebooks, to sophisticated, in depth studies by major research organizations.

Our job is to locate this material, select the best, summarize it, categorize it, and make it available to members. 

If you lead a progressive HR department that uses research to help guide decisions and frame strategy, we are a natural support service and the only company of its kind.

Research Coverage
Our library covers a wide range of staffing subjects organized around the competencies required for staffing success in today’s competitive environment. 

Major topic areas include:

  • Change management — agility, innovation
  • Communication — with senior management, hiring managers and candidates
  • Effectiveness — candidate quality, assessments, retention…
  • Efficiency — recruiting time, cost, recruiter workload…
  • Marketing — branding, CRM, candidate psychology…
  • Metrics — analytics, business intelligence, data management…
  • Strategy — labor markets, risk management, workforce planning…
  • Tools — structure, systems, technology, social media…
  • Trends — leadership, the staffing ecosystem, HCM


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